What type of gate do you need?

Custom Gate Fabrication

Determining what type of custom gate is right for your project depends on several things like: budget, available clearances, site grade or slope, size of opening, soil type, existing adjacent fencing, driveway type, and the location of the project site. There are two basic types of gates, swing gates and slide gates. Slide gate installations are

generally more expensive than swing gates, because they require the installation of a track for the gate to travel on. We typically avoid making swing gates longer than 16'. Soil type should also be considered for heavier, longer swing gates because over time, hinge posts can start sagging in some soils. Get a free custom gate quote.

Rectangular Gates

picket gate

Picket Gate

There are so many options when it comes to custom gates. Even a basic rectangular gate like this has an infinite amount of design options.

modern privacy gate

Driveway Privacy Gate

Many residential customers want a privacy gate for their driveway. This is a great modern privacy gate option, simple and elegant.

mesh gate

Mesh Gate

Mesh gates are great budget gates, ideal for ranches and countryside homes. Choose from various wire mesh patterns and add custom metal art.

Arched Gates

arched gate

Single Arch

A single arch gate with metal pickets is great for any commercial or residential application. Add custom metal art or additional runners.

double arch gate

Double Arch

Double arch gates are a great way to add ornamental scrollwork, letters, address numbers, or accent pieces in the header.

inveted arch gate

Inverted Arch

An elegant option often chosen to match existing adjacent fencing. Add a second arch or custom metal art.

Alamo Arched Gates

alamo arch gate

Single Alamo Arch

A South Texas Gate Company classic, we specialize in Alamo arch gates. So many variations are available. Let's design yours today!

Double Alamo Arch

Another popular option is our double Alamo arch gate. We can add additional horizontal runners, custom art, or ornamental scrolls.

double alamo cutout

Double Alamo w/ Cutouts

Add a custom metal artwork cutout to your double Alamo arch gate or any other gate. Tell us more about your project.

Common Premium Custom Gate Upgrades

custom metal art

Metal Art & Letters

A great way to spruce up any gate design is add custom metal artwork. We can also add letters and numbers to your gate header.

bi parting gates

Bi-Parting Gates

Some clients prefer or require bi-parting gates. These gate systems tend to be more expensive because there are two gates.

wing blocker panels

Wing & Blocker Panels

In some gate applications, we need to close the opening just a bit. Blocker panels, or wing fence panels are typically used.

build to grade


Slopes and the grade of the gate installation location play a major role in gate system design and fabrication. Site visit is required.

wood inlay

Wood Accent Inlays

Adding a wooden or steel accent kick-plate at the bottom of any gate is a simple way to jazz up your custom gate design.

rush gate project

Rush Projects

Sometimes crucial deadlines require super fast installs. This typically happens with commercial projects. If we can help, we will.

heavy gauge material

Heavy Gauge Material

We generally use 2"x2", 14 gauge, square steel tubing for most custom gate frames. But some specifications call for thicker material.

custom finish

Custom Finishes

Our standard offering is usually pre-primed steel material with a spray or roll-on paint finish and natural cedar pickets.

dead man support post

Dead Man Post

Some gates require extra support for the hinge post to help reduce the risk of the gate sagging in the future.

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Designing & Building a Custom Gate Entryway

Sometimes clients are not sure what type or style of custom gate they want or need. If this is you, do not worry. For more complicated projects, we offer free consultations and site-planning visits to walk unsure homeowners through the gate system design process. You can be sure that the free gate

quote you receive from South Texas Gate Company will be thorough and complete. We only use top-notch gate operators and equipment that have proven to withstand the test of time. If you're in the bidding phase of your project, send us your bids and we can review them a provide a competitive, apples-to-apples bid.